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Orient Racking System
Heavy Duty Racks & Racking Accessories

Orient Racking Systems is Situated In Dubai United Arab Emirates. We have more than 10 years of Experience in Supply and Manufacturing of all kinds of Racks and Shelving’s like pallet racking, long span shelving, structural steel mezzanine, cantilever racking, tyre racking system, bolt free shelving, rack support mezzanine, and Two type mezzanine.

We supply our products to Commercial and Industrial usage like industrial racking system, warehouse storage racks, supermarket warehouse racks, gi-decking panels, slotted angle shelves, wire mesh panels. we design the shelving’s according to customers’ needs with affordable price. We have well trained and professional team who can handle the work in the given time period We can also offer favorable payments terms & Condition Best racking and shelving company in UAE .Now we are looking forward to serve you in the professional way.

We Won Many Factory Awards & Got Many Ceritificates Since 2001-2018

Racking: The Perfect Solution for Storing Tyres!

If not stored appropriately, tyres can get damaged. Hence, storage racks for tyres are crucial. Stocking tyres efficiently and systematically helps ensure that the space in a warehouse is getting utilized to its maximum capacity. Appropriate storage shelves also ensure that the quality of the tyres is not getting affected. These storage solutions are perfect for garages, automobile workshops and other workspaces that work with tyres. 

The tyre racking system is the racking solution that stocks and displays the tyres. Workplaces that deal with automobile tyres like garages, tyre shops, car dealers and commercial tyre storages must get tyre storage racks. It helps to keep them in a safe place and prevent any damage. Even the tyre manufacturing plants should have an appropriate racking solution for their production. Orient Racking Systems believe that the ideal racks and shelves for tyres must keep them in a safe condition and display them at the same time.  

Merits of efficient storage system for tyres to a business

  1. Effortless installation- It is one of the most appreciated benefits of tyre racking solutions. Racking systems for tyres are not only easy to install but also can get customized according to needs. The tier of the racks can get adjusted according to the size of the tyres. The quick customization saves time and provides a place to store all sizes. 
  2. Store and show in style- Most people wish to get a solution that can provide storage space and also let them showcase. Racking is the solution. It is one of the safest options to store tyres and display them at the same time. Saving valuable floor space and efficiently storing the tires, racking can also be a platform to showcase the varying models of products available.
  3. Versatile looks- Racking systems can get thought of as the interiors of the warehouses. For tyres, numerous racking styles are available. They can get wall-mounted, or one can get a floor stand style.  
  4. Accessible- Tyre racks make an appropriate option for storing tyres due to their accessibility. These racks are open from one side. Hence, it makes taking tyres out from the racks easy and safe. 
  5. Protects the tyres from damage- Storing tyres directly on the floor can damage them. Racks provide a safe space to store the tyres. One can also get bolt free racks to protect the tyre from any damage.