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Drive in Pallet racking systems

Unearth The Miracles of Bolt-free Racks!

Shelving is a science in itself. It is a product/service that entails a lot of expertise and planning skills. The solution expressed usually depends on the underlying knowledge of the service provider. Pallet racking systems are a by-product of the entire array of shelving and racking solutions.

Pallet racking is a system for conveying and storing goods. It expedites the fluid movement of goods in and around the warehouse. Here, the part of the racking system that stores the products is called pallets. There are several types of pallet racking systems common today. However, they all serve the same goal with varying levels of effectiveness. The beauty of this system is that it empowers to stack goods both- horizontally and vertically. So you get more storage space in the least effective area. The efficiency and ease of the warehouse pallet racking system are still going strong. Using a forklift truck to relocate pallets is still the logistical aid mode widely practised. Selective pallet racking systems are one of the most commonly used forms of pallet rackings. The selective pallet racking is used by various industries. They come in the following two configurations-

  1. Roll-formed- These configurations are also called drop pallet racking systems. The name comes from the tear-shaped holes on the right side of the system. They use mounting clips to hold the pallets on the horizontal beams. Mounting clips can get moved quickly, so shelves can get effortlessly modified to accommodate distinct types of products. It is an appropriate choice for warehouses that need to store products of diverse sizes and weights.

  2. Structural Bolt-Together- Although the design is similar to the roll-form racking system, the horizontal load-bearing beams get bolted to the struts, increasing load-bearing capacity. It is more suitable for a solidified arrangement warehouse. Although the configuration can also get restructured, it often takes longer than a profiled arrangement. This type of selective pallet racking system is more suitable for companies with heavy storage products, and the goods tend to be of a similar size.

Pallet racks are suitable for every industry. The two configurations of pallet rackings must be installed based on the nature of goods to be stored. Racking in a warehouse can get complicated if one does not get the appropriate kind of racking system. Pallet supporting bars are fairly useful for storing goods of varying sizes and shapes.