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Medium Duty Racking systems

Unearth The Miracles of Bolt-free Racks!

Medium duty racks are one of the most cost-efficient racking options. These racks are beneficial for people who are looking for storing long, bulky or irregularly shaped materials. These racks are appropriate for storing steel pipes, wooden planks, plastic pipes and other goods. They get well-appreciated as no structural components interfere when one tries to remove items.

Medium duty rackings are the best option for planning business growth. Several associated benefits of using these storage racks are listed below.

  1. Appropriately store long items- These racks are ideal for storing unique materials that are often poorly assessed for use and plan. Our medium-duty racking systems offer several specific benefits and use that other racks cannot without pallet supporting bars.

  2. . Their design allows for storage of longer and thinner items such as steel shelving, beams, long timber or even pre-packed furniture. While these items tend to be unsettled and inaccessible to store using conventional shelving, their open layout and overall length is the perfect way to store any tall and thin items you need to keep off the floor.

  3. Flexible and accessible- These racks include two or smaller shelves from one side or the other. Their open design allows for much easier access, especially on the higher shelves. Racks by Orient are also flexible. Hence, they can get adjusted according to the size of the items to get stored. 

  4. Affordable- Orient offers the best 500 kg medium duty racks at affordable prices to make storage easy and accessible for all.