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Mezzanine floor

Unearth The Miracles of Bolt-free Racks!

Mezzanine floors are an intermediary level between the floor and ceiling of a building. The word gets derived from the Italian word- Mezza and stands for half or middle. The rack supported mezzanine floor utilizes the vertical space of a warehouse and increases the usable surface area. To be precise, they are a cost-efficient way to increase warehouse storage space without investing in building expansion. 

Some of the numerous applications!

The several applications of mezzanine floorings include storage, office space, manufacturing, and production spaces. They can get utilized to increase the usable surface area. These floors can get made from different materials like steel, wood, concrete, or other materials. Such spaces increase the efficiency and productivity of a place. Mezzanines are popular for industrial settings in buildings with high ceilings. Below-mentioned are some of their appreciated applications. 

  1. Storage- It is the most common application of the mezzanine floor. It provides space to store different items. 

  2. Increases workspace- A mezzanine platform also acts as a work platform. It provides an elevated space to perform numerous tasks such as packaging, assembling, maintenance, or quality control. These floors offer extra workspace without needing to extend the building itself.

Why Mezzanine Floors?

The principal reason to opt mezzanine floor for your workplace is that it offers some worthy benefits- 

  • Increases storage space for stock, inventory and other goods. 

  • Add ons to the office space and supports production. 

  • Acts as a medium to provide access to elevated equipment. 

  • For retail workplaces, these floors offer more space to display products such as long span racks.

The Types!

  1. Steel Mezzanine- Although the mezzanine floor gets made from different materials, steel is the most common. It gets commonly used for warehouse storage, equipment platforms, and industrial spaces. The reason for its popularity is that it offers high strength with a durable and safe structure. The steel mezzanines stand free, and their structure is put together with bolts. Its durability and easy installation make it suitable for industrial spaces. 

  2. Concrete mezzanine- This mezzanine floor gets used for floor decking and is fairly durable. Some other benefits include- high point load and low noise transmission. These floors are also suitable for industrial applications. 

  3. Rack mezzanine- These floors provide storage space in a warehouse. They help save money by avoiding investment in extending buildings. 

Orient Racking Systems provide the best range of permanent and temporary mezzanine floors. We also offer multi tier mezzanine floors.