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A quick guide to mezzanine racks and flooring

In an industry or any workshop the adequate space is never sufficient. Industries always utilize every corner and unused space of their area. One of the examples of space utilization is mezzanine floors. A mezzanine floor is a raised platform supported by steel columns that are separate from the host building. It helps you to create more floor space by repurposing unused air space above your current work. It may also be used to generate additional office space, manufacturing space, storage space, or even retail space. This may potentially increase or even treble the amount of accessible space.

Temporary mezzanine floors are a cost-effective way of dramatically boosting your floor area and storage capacity and are a quick alternative to relocation. You may acquire them in Dubai or any place in the UAE. Orient racker system is a well-known brand for high-quality mezzanine floor installations, with a range of solutions to suit your storage requirements. We've established ourselves as the go-to source for low-cost mezzanine flooring solutions because of our unique design and installation services.

Whether it's for office mezzanine flooring, retail flooring, or warehouses, we provide service from the first inspection through installation and quality assurance. Our technicians are well-trained and skilled in completing perfect installations that exceed your expectations. Every mezzanine we provide is calculated and built to fit your specific location and usage requirements.

Advantages of mezzanine flooring-

  1. It will increase your space cost-effectively. 
  2. These types of floorings are fully demountable and can be relocated at any time. 
  3. It increases the available potential storing space. 
  4. It avoids relocation costs by utilizing available space. 
  5. Mezzanine flooring gives flexible design options used for many purposes. 
  6. The construction is fast with minimum disruption. 
  7. It has seamless integration with the existing environment.
  8. They are durable solutions for heavy loads. 

Our rack-supported mezzanine floors provide useable space between existing racks, allowing you to manage extra loads as needed. A mezzanine may be a great and cost-effective method to utilize the existing space without having to add or remove anything. We can address your storage difficulties quickly by adding vertical space to your warehouse completely.

You may add structural mezzanine flooring to your industrial storage system with us, giving you extra space and secure and orderly racking. Whether you need rack-based steel mezzanine floors or a multi-tier mezzanine floor, we offer the best fabrication services. Give us a call immediately because we will be delighted to assist you.