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Cantilever Racks - an effective storage alternative!

If you have irregularly shaped and varied length items that need orderly storage with reliable and stable retrieval, cantilever racking is a must-have solution in your warehouse or production facility. At Orient Rackers, we create a world-class, high-quality heavy-duty cantilever racks storage solution tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to increase warehouse efficiency and production. We have years of practice in manufacturing and supplying all kinds of shelves and racks.

The cantilever Racking system is an excellent storage solution for longer, thinner, larger, lengthy loads and other goods such as beams, lengths of timber, pre-packed furniture, and more. It may help you save space in different ways, so you should invest in high-quality racks to solve your storage issues.

Cantilever racks offer a lot of design and usage versatility. It comes in double-sided and single-sided cantilever racks configurations, as well as multi-tier, allowing you to expand your storage capacity while removing intermediary lanes. Because there are no front uprights, it is easier to fork-lift products and allows for manual shifting. Whether the material from the bottom-most rack or the top-most rack has to be retrieved, all racking levels are conveniently accessible, resulting in decreased handling time. These simple-to-install racks are simply adjustable and securely fastened, allowing for versatile and safe storage.

 Industrial advantages of the cantilever racking- 

  1. It can store any sort of load, although it is most commonly used to store long, heavy, and odd-shaped items. 
  2. This rack construction saves a lot of horizontal space because it doesn't have a front column, making it suitable for tiny storage units. 
  3. The cantilever racking system makes loading and unloading items easier, resulting in a considerable reduction in commodity handling time. 
  4. Goods may be put anywhere along the cantilever rack's whole length while still assuring easy placement and keeping to the standard of having the correct commodity in the right location.
  5. This system provides one of the most cost-efficient racking options due to optimal space use and increased labor efficiency.

Industrial heavy-duty cantilever racks may save you both time and money, so you should consider investing in them. If you're looking for a dependable structural rack, such as indoor cantilever racks,  double-sided Cantilever racks, or light-duty racks, at affordable rates we'd be delighted to provide you with top-quality racks at competitive costs. You may reach out to us to purchase several varieties of heavy-duty racks. So, let us know your storage needs with specifications.