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Maximizing your storage space now become easier with a racking solution

For several reasons, a warehouse may run out of storage capacity. Seasonal needs, quick expansion, and cheap shopping are just a few examples. However, as the cost of floor space continues to grow, expanding a business's facilities is getting increasingly challenging. Rather than sacrificing productivity, however, durable and heavy-duty racks and storage shelfs may be used to increase storage capacity.

 We've put up a list of five racking options that will assist you to solve your storage problems:

  • Storage racks: These are used to store items that cannot be double-stacked and must be kept for months. The storage racks' main advantage is that they are simple to construct and disassemble. They may be taken to the production line alongside the product, saving time and personnel. They can also be made to fit a specific product.
  • Long-span shelving racks: They are used in industries such as auto, engineering, agricultural, storehouses, retail stores, and libraries to store medium and lightweight voluminous items. The storage heights and combinations on these racks are simply changeable.
  • Selective pallet racks: The most popular and cost-effective racking options are these adjustable racking systems. They have a large capacity and are designed to handle any size or weight of cargo. Pallet racks that are specifically designed to safeguard goods from compression damage are used. They're ideal for archive storage, pharmacy, research, and development, as well as manufacturing components and supplies.
  • Extra heavy-duty slotted racks: Extra-heavy-duty slotted racks are ideal for heavy businesses that require the storage of a variety of items. They transparently show the goods and can accommodate a variety of load capacities. By altering the structural steel pieces, users may add more storage space.
  • Slotted angle framework racks: These racks are ideal for organizations that need to rotate and retrieve goods often. They are cost-effective and may be utilized for industrial, commercial, manufacturing, distribution, warehouse, and vehicle racking.

To be successful in a company, one must concentrate on three factors: having a productive team, providing faster deliverables, and making effective use of available space. The storage options discussed above will aid in increasing the efficiency of your organization and storage space. To stack your inventory, choose the appropriate ones. Get in contact with Orient Racking System if you're unsure about which racking system to use to maximize your space. Bolt-free racks, tire racking systems, heavy-duty racks, double-sided cantilever racks, and more are all available from us. Simply give us a call to discuss your space needs, and we'll recommend the best storage options for you.