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Solve your storage problems with bolt free racks

All of those for tiny parts storage imposes a one-of-a-kind demand on the customers. It is noticeable and adaptable to a variety of applications and commercial requirements. A flexible and modular bolt free shelf system is always the ideal solution for all sorts of storage needs. Orient Racker Solutions specializes in the supply and manufacture of a wide range of racks and shelf systems.

We think that offering our valued clients high-quality, cost-effective products and services results in their happiness. We are dedicated to providing nothing but the finest to earn your confidence and assist you in growing your business. We use this information to create unique storage racking solutions that are suited to our client's requirements. When it comes to your storage needs, we have the experience and knowledge. Simply tell us what you want, and we will handle everything from measurement to final inspection.

Bolt-free shelves have always been one of the most popular shelving items among all other shelf goods. The systems we provide come in a wide range of sizes, with either clad or open designs, giving consumers the freedom to choose according to their storage needs. Our extensive color palette is suitable for our clients, whether they demand a basic or complicated system, such as two-tier or high-rise order picking solutions.

Few benefits of bolt free shelving system-

  1. The installation is simple and quick at the same time.
  2. Bolt-free shelves have higher stability than the other shelves.
  3. It gives faster access to stored goods. 
  4. It possesses a high load-taking capacity. 
  5. Extensive range of accessories. 
  6. These types of systems provide a clear and efficient arrangement of stores. 

Our skilled and experienced staff can assist you in resolving your storage problems. We provide a free consultation to answer your questions as part of the planning process for a storage system that meets your needs. 

Every storage solution provider sells the same product, but we set ourselves apart by maintaining a strong reputation for employing only high-quality materials. Orient racker systems place a high value on ensuring that every product provided to our clients is of the highest quality and that our dedication to supplying the best quality goods to our customers is well-known. So if you are looking for a professional bolt-free storage racking solution provider contact us today to get high-quality and durable bolt free Shelves for file sorting, workshops, garages, and stores as well.