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The Wide Range Of Wire Mesh Panels And Racks!

While choosing the ideal storage solution for your business, many often recommend wire mesh panels.  They are a far better option for warehouse racking as compared with traditional racking options steel sheets or wood. This is due to the fact that wire mesh racking is not only light and strong but much more flexible, durable, safer, and cheaper than its other counterparts. Let’s have a look at some of its advantages.

Ventilation and hygiene

Wire racking is easy to clean because its open design prevents dust build-up. It promotes air circulation, reducing excess humidity and moisture retention. The increased airflow is suitable for kitchen pantry storage, keeping perishable food products fresh for longer. It also provides fewer hiding places for pests, thus preventing inventory damage and contamination.

Improved visibility

The wire racking design allows light to penetrate and pass through the system. The increased visibility enables retail sales associates, kitchen staff, and warehouse pickers to locate, access, and retrieve inventory more efficiently. This helps to boost efficiency in the workspace.


Ideal for fire safety

Due to its open design, a wire racking unit allows overhead sprinkler systems to pass through every shelf and product, ensuring that fires are extinguished before they cause extensive damage.

Assembly without tools

If you’re thinking about a storage solution that you can easily assemble and disassemble yourself, wire racking is an excellent option. Assembling and installing a wire racking unit easy and you can even put together most models by hand.

Increased mobility

Wire racking systems can be accessorized as per your needs. For example, adding a set of lockable casters to a racking system will enable you to move a loaded racking unit from one location to another as needed. A racking system on wheels is more versatile than its stationary counterpart.


Wire Racking Accessories

You can enhance the functionality of a wire Rack unit with numerous racking accessories. Here are a few examples.

Document holders

A document holder enables you to display product information for inventory tracking. While many warehouses and other businesses use paperless systems, such as barcode scanners and RFID, having a physical copy of inventory documentation can be helpful, especially during routine inspections.


Donut bumpers

A donut bumper is a rubber or plastic disk that fits above a caster assembly on a racking unit’s leg to protect it from impact damage. Forklift and other material-handling collisions with the racking unit may occur in high-traffic environments.


Foot plates

Standard on industrial racks and shelves systems that are designed to be fixed in place, footplates allow you to bolt the uprights of the racking unit to the concrete floor of the warehouse or factory for additional stability. This prevents lateral movement and can prevent the racking unit from falling over due to impact.


Stackable shelf bins

The bins can attach to rails and louvered panels to provide additional storage space for hangable items. Units with drawer inserts, bins, and built-in storage cabinets increase the organizational efficiency of your home or business.