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Tire storing rack at Orient racking system

Winter tire storage may be a difficult undertaking. How do you preserve these tough tires in good condition in your warehouse while still keeping the product fresh and available? Fortunately, the Orient racking system can provide you with tire storage racks. Our tire racks are made to retain tires in a way that prevents them from warping or deforming over time.

Choose the tire rack model that works best for your business. Install a perforated deck to meet fire codes by allowing water from above showers to travel through to the stack racks below while also shielding the side walls. The hole-to-solid-deck ratio in the portable rack offers enough tire support and does not leave a mark on the tires.

Wire mesh decking is used in another type of stacking rack. Perforated metal decking is more costly, and this decking has wider deck holes. This is a good solution if your tires often enter and exit your warehouse rack and the wire deck does not have time to make imprints on your things. The cheapest portable tire stack rack, of course, has no decking. The tires are supported by the inner and outer rack beams. Because the rack beams do not give as steady a work area as a deck, when loading or transferring tires, it is better if no one is standing on the rack.

Bolt-free racks, like all of our tire racks, may be built to fit any size and weight capacity need. To match your demands, these racks may be constructed with or without decking. They're durable, withstanding years of use and handling of materials. All tire wholesalers must have a tire and rack combination to effectively store tyres.

You will discover just what you are looking for at the Orient racking system. When it comes to a competent and simple storage system, the Orient racking system is one of the finest options. We have created a significant standard in the business of storage manufacturing norms as a top-notch rack and storage manufacturing firm. We provide the most articulated and constructed range of storage solutions, including Slotted angle racks, display racks, supermarket racks, pallet racks, Mezzanine floor racks, and many others.

Visit www.orientrackingsystems.com if you're searching for a tire racking system to make your warehouse more productive and get the most out of your valuable space. We'll be pleased to assist you. We begin with our work after multiple meetings and talks with our clients to provide them with the best storage system possible, using the most exact working procedure.