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Top Benefits Of Mobile Shelving Units!

Mobile shelving units, as the name suggests, are single units comprising multiple shelves or storage racks, mounted on a moving track that allows you to shift them to their appropriate place as per your needs. In the current financial environment, cost-effectiveness and space optimization are major challenges for many businesses. Mobile Shelving solutions are the way forward, and here are a few reasons why.

Reasonable Price

These units serve a dual purpose-they free up space and DON’T cost a fortune. These shelves provide extra storage space at a much lower cost than other alternatives, especially if you want to expand your existing space without opting for expensive shelving solutions.

Customizable Storage

Mobile shelving solutions offer a range of customization to choose from. These shelves are versatile, offering ample space to store documents and papers or heavier items that require deeper and more substantial storage to meet the needs of your business.

Workspace Efficiency & Productivity

 Is inventory Management becoming a challenge? Especially with small items? Mobile shelving units enable better categorization and organization of inventory. With these shelves, it becomes easier for staff to find their needs without wasting time locating them. Quick access to inventory promotes work efficiency, boosting worker morale and operational productivity.

Enhanced security

Businesses dealing with consumer data, prototypes,  and other valuable items will especially benefit from using mobile shelving units as they ensure and improve accountability and safety.  These shelves feature customized locks and programmable security systems so that only authorized personnel can access the items stored in them.

Ideal for business growth

To meet the demands of a growing business, Mobile shelving and racking could be the ideal solution. Systems like these allow for the expansion of a company’s outreach in the short and long term while providing efficient storage.

Workplace safety

 Generally, mobile shelves are one of the safest storage solutions. Moreover, they also play a big role in ensuring a safer work environment for your staff by minimizing injuries and accidents.

Reduced storage footprint

Mobile shelving units are rapidly replacing Redundant static shelves because of their versatility and their capacity to increase storage space by up to 50% while maintaining 100% capacity.

 Centralized storage

These mobile units allow you to move all the stored items to a centralized space that’s safe, Convenient, and easily accessible. Shelves carrying unused items can be combined together, Utilising the full storage capacity and saving valuable storage space to fulfill all your business needs.

 Aesthetic value

Want to add that wow factor to your office? Although warehouse storage racks leave little room for aesthetics, you may opt for customized mobile shelves that suit your office color and décor! We offer shelves in various shades with graphic or vinyl end panels and are fitted with sturdy wheeled traction systems.

At Orient Racking Systems we provide various products for a range of commercial and industrial needs like industrial racking systems, warehouse storage racks, supermarket warehouse racks, GI-decking panels, slotted angle shelves, and wire mesh panels among others.