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Warehouse storage shelf and pallet racking solutions

If you are struggling with how to organize your warehouse, you are in the right place. Orient rackers provide the best solution in inventory organization. We make slotted angle shelves, which are suitable storage systems for facilitating inventory management consolidation and streamlining in warehouses. They may be used to store a variety of items, including car parts, liquids, paper, tires, and more. They're used in grocery stores, market stalls, the metal industry, and the chemical industry, among other places.

A warehouse is critical to the smooth operation of a firm. A well-organized and considerate warehouse aids in the speedier delivery of goods to consumers, as well as making the laborers' jobs more organized. A systematic method ensures that your daily needs are satisfied and that the procedure moves logically at all times. Wholesalers and distributors, we realize, have a lot on their plates. They will be able to work more effectively if the warehouse is well-organized. A well-organized warehouse helps to prevent things from being torn or breaking off in the warehouse. It also guarantees a quicker and damage-free delivery. 

We are one of the most well-known slotted-angle racks manufacturers in the UAE, and we think that proper storage and organization are essential for a successful business. We are delighted to offer shelves and racks that are both strong and long-lasting while also being cost-effective. Our professional team will plan, build, and install a custom-made, high-quality shelving system based on the needs and specifications of our customers, as well as varied loading capabilities. 

We provide industrial racking systems, warehouse storage racks, supermarket warehouse racks, gi-decking panels, slotted angle shelves, and wire mesh panels for commercial and industrial purposes. We create shelving that meets the demands of our clients at an affordable price. We have a well-trained and competent staff that can complete the task within the specified time frame. In addition, we can provide attractive payment terms and circumstances as the finest racking and shelving business in the UAE. 


To ensure safety in a store is to invest in a racking system that is stowed securely. At orient rackers, we not only work to install the racking and shelf system but also ensure the safety of the warehouse and the people around. Our key features make us better and different from others. We are very punctual when it comes to our delivery time, we always try that the services are provided 99% on clients given time. Our factory experts use only the advanced technology which is environment friendly too. We also manufacture a multi-tier pallet racking system. Now we are looking forward to serving you professionally.